What to Pack if You Plan to Sleep on Your Boat

Ah, the wonders of boat sleepovers, but don’t be mistaken…there can be perils too. We are land
creatures, so when on the sea, we are out of our natural element. Everything can go very smoothly as
long as we play it safe.
To best enjoy overnighting on your boat, just remember – “safety first”. Make certain that you are
docking overnight in a marina or protected cove. If you overnight in a marina, make sure your lines are
tight enough to keep you tethered and loose enough to weather the sea. If you choose to anchor in a
protected cover, make sure that you know the ins and outs of anchoring extremely well. Never want to
set sail unknowingly while you sleep!
Another good rule of thumb is to keep things simple when you are packing. There isn’t an
overabundance of storage space on a boat, so you’ll want to practice your minimalist skills. No one cares
if your hair is perfectly coifed or your make-up is askew after a day at sea, so ditch the hairdryer and
make-up bag. Stick to things such as a light jacket since it can get cool on the water at night; just a few
items of clothing – preferably made of quick dry fabrics; and shoes with decent white tread – so you
don’t mark the floors and your feet actually stay on the floor.
Dice, a kindle and a deck of cards can be nice for downtime. Remember to keep hydrated, so bring
plenty of liquids and keep non-perishables like peanut butter crackers, trail mix and breakfast bars
onboard. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not pack a little cooler with some brie and a nice Riesling. It’s
not boot camp…it’s boat camp, so enjoy!

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