Protect the Wildlife

With some of the largest estuaries in the world, teeming with diverse species, Florida is a haven for wildlife. The protection of our treasured flora and fauna is essential for the prosperity of nature’s bountiful beauty and a healthy economy for now and future generations to come.

The waters of Florida are home to our cherished wildlife, our children play in them, our watermen toil in them and or tourists flock here to enjoy them. Safeguarding our waters and wildlife is an investment in our entire way of life.

So, when we boat it is vital that we do our part to preserve our precious resources… 

We need to be mindful to leave our beaches and the sea the way we found it. 

We need to clean up after ourselves. 

We need to be careful not to disturb the vegetation on our sea dunes, which provide sustenance and shelter to everything from butterflies to birds, as well as nesting grounds for our cherished sea turtles.

We need to boat with care, minding no wake signs to ensure that we are not the cause of our majestic seascapes eroding, paying heed to postings that warn us not to enter feeding and spawning grounds for certain sea creatures and obeying the speed limits and safe boating regulations which keep our manatees safe from the propellers of careless boaters.

We need to defer to the bag limit laws that help to keep our waters from becoming overfished.

Then, we need to go out there and enjoy boating those waters we help to protect and preserve.

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