Who to Call When You Break Down

If your boat quits, runs out of fuel or you end up stuck on a sandbar and need a bit of a tug to get back to the dock and the safety and comfort of home, do you know who to call?

One option for emergency towing services is your boat insurance company, as many boat insurance policies will cover you for a service call when you break down. You may want to check yours before you head out on the water just in case.

However, other boat towing services might be more prudent because, as opposed to your boat insurance company, they offer round-the-clock service – which you will definitely be wishing for if you are stranded out on the water.

For instance, both Sea Tow (386-767-1508 or 800-4-SEATOW) and TowBoat US (386-767-7711) marine towing service fleets are locally owned and operated and arrive within an average of less than an hour to help. A yearly membership which includes things like a jumpstart if you need one and fuel delivery if you need that, aside from towing to the dock, can cost around $200.

So, why – you might ask – would I want to be a member instead of just calling them and paying a fee? Member services are free, but a non-member fee for towing may start around $300 for a daytime hourly rate, with nighttime and inclement weather services costing more. Also, an average boat tow could cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000, depending on how far you happen to be from the dock.

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