River vs. Ocean Boating

Boating can offer worlds of fun, but there’s a question you need to ask yourself…”Do I want to boat in
the ocean or on the river?” Both certainly have their own sets of perks!
Take ocean boating, for example, a glorious setting where there are no lines except fishing lines and
weed lines. It’s the “big” water…a place where you could quite possible see porpoises frolicking or
mammoth sea turtles come up for air. When you boat on the ocean, you can island hop or tie up to your
favorite seaside watering hole. Ocean boating offers views of gorgeous waterfront homes and can serve
as a relaxing oasis.
Florida also boasts countless miles of pristine rivers with vast ecosystems bursting with life. Peaceful and
scenic, Florida rivers are full of hundreds of species of birds, fish and other creatures that make their
homes along the riverbanks. While boating along the river, you will have access to extremely diverse
fishing options including trophy bass, and sightseeing could yield a glimpse of a bald eagle our a
manatee – our aquatic gentle giant.
Both ocean boating and river boating offer magnificent painted skies at sunset and lower blood pressure
for us all. So you decide. When you make your decision, if you need help selecting the type of boat you
would like for your adventure, feel free to visit Gerry’s Marina. Gerry’s Marina is a full-service marina
conveniently located on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach and is a trusted source for boats and
boat lovers from miles around!

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