What Boat Is Good for You?

No matter who you are, if you live in Florida along the water, it’s very likely that you like to boat or fish. Most of us do, but what particular boat is right for you?

Are you that guy who wakes up with tiny elbows or feet in his ribs…that guy who lives for the day that his four-year-old actually hits the tee-ball when he swings? You’re “Mr. Fix-it” and “King of the Grill” all wrapped into one; and one of your favorite pastimes is taking the family out for a day on the boat and tossing in a few lines.

Or, instead of king of the grill (even though you can char up a tasty t-bone with the best of them), you lean more toward the fact that competition is king. You’re always on the lookout for weed lines and long to hear that pull on your drag. You love the roar of the engines and those butterflies in your belly when you’re heading out to deeper water.

Whether you are a family man, more of a sports fisherman or maybe even that guy who loves the feel of the wind in his face when he hits the throttle hard; Gerry’s Marina can put you in the boat that’s best for you. Gerry’s, is a full-service marina that has long been meeting the boat sales, service and storage needs along the East Central Florida coast. Boat choices at Gerry’s range from shiny, new models that will knock your proverbial socks off to previously owned, more affordable boats that are in excellent condition as well. There are pontoons, center consoles, sport fishing boats and more.

Gerry’s Marina can even help you easily get the financing you need to make your boat purchase hassle and worry-free. So stop in our convenient location on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach and let us help you see what boat works best for you!

Let's find the right boat for YOU