Shallow Water Fishing in New Smyrna Beach

If what “the shallows” means to you is fishing inshore around New Smyrna Beach and not some Lady Gaga song, we’re in the same boat! Although reeling in that humongous, once-in-a-lifetime fish is a dream to which we all aspire, shallow water fishing can be boatloads of fun. It’s easier to prepare for, can provide great quality time with your kids and usually yields lots of action. In New Smyrna Beach, there are tons of baitfish, shrimp and shedders inshore, so that means there are also loads of fish that eat them. 

Shallow water reefs, where grouper and barracuda can hang, are excellent for shallow water fishing too. Lemon and nurse sharks also find the reefs a nice place to cruise around for a tasty meal. Sharks can fight hard, so they are a lot of fun to fish.

Here’s a fun fact. Don’t know if you know this, but New Smyrna Beach is referred to as the “Redfish Capital of the World” and you don’t have to go far to hook into this delicious dish…which will often weigh in between 20-50 pounds. Now that’s a fun fight!

If you’re looking for some “reel” excitement, you may want to fish along on the mangroves to see if you can hook a tarpon. This silvery prize, which can weigh up to 100 pounds, will be sure to wow everyone on the boat with amazing acrobatics!

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