What Makes a Boat Float?

f you are a boater in New Smyrna Beach, you can fish the rivers, inshore and big water; you can island-hop and waterside restaurant-hop; or you can take a relaxing cruise along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway. Basically, you can do whatever makes your boat float, but do you know what makes your boat float? Here are some fun facts about boating and floating:

In order to float, boats only need to weigh less than the amount of water they push away. Seems simple, right? 

Ok, let’s take this whole boat floating thing to the next level, shall we? Heavy boats provide that nice smooth leisurely ride because the water has less effect on them. So how do THEY float? The answer is that buoyancy – which is the act of floating – keeps all boats from sinking. A heavy boat’s hull can displace water causing something called upthrust, which is the force of the water pushing upward against the boat. If the upthrust is great enough to overpower the downward push created by the boat’s weight, voila…you once again have a floating boat!

If this all seems like a lot to sink in, and you would prefer to leave all that to those folks who wear the pocket protectors (Do they still make them?), don’t worry! All you really need to know is that Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach can put you in a quality boat…that floats.


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