St. Johns River Is Ideal for Nature Sightseeing

What better place to take your own nature tour than along Florida’s longest river – the St. John’s River? At 310 miles long, the St. John’s River is one of the few in Florida that flows north. Stretching half the length of this beautiful state, the St. John’s River is home to manatee, the gentle giants of the sea; gators, who earn a much different reputation; and fuzzy fauna like deer. There are also 100s of species of birds living along the St. John, including herons, osprey and bald eagles.

Imagine leaving for your sightseeing trip early in the morning and watching the banks come alive with the tiny creatures that live along the sea and waters begin to swirl with bait fish tempting larger prey. Or catch a magnificently painted sky at sunset, when the birds are making their last rounds before nesting and the water is calm and quiet.

The St. John’s River is also great for fishing. Seasonal rainfall gives rise to moving water within the St. John, which stimulates feeding. As a result, the fishing options here are extremely diverse. So, it’s not surprising that the St. Johns coughs up amazing amounts of trophy bass each year.

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