The Virtues of Wiping Down Your Boat Interior and Seats after Use

As that old saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” and that certainly holds true for your boat. In fact, certain boat maintenance and upkeep even helps increase the longevity of your vessel!

We all want our boats to last as long as possible, and in the best shape possible; and wiping down your boat seats and interior can make a big difference in that respect. It’s good practice to always keep your boat interior and everything in it clean.

The elements can take quite a toll on boats; and salt water, water laden with algae and other organisms and the slimy residue that is sure to be left over from cutting bait and catching fish can all play the villain. All those things and more can contribute to mold, mildew and bacteria growth…never good things for boat owners.

Boat seats that aren’t wiped down after usage can morph from bright white to being dotted with black mildew that is hard to remove. Boat instruments that are left covered in a salt water residue can become corroded after a short time. And no one wants to leave potentially harmful bacteria in your fish wells or anywhere you might decide to eat your lunch.

Wiping down your boat interior after usage is a smart, quick, painless fix. Your passengers and your boat will thank you. Your pocketbook will too!

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