The Perfect Recipe for Summertime Fun!

Boating can be different things to different people. It can be a refuge from day-to-day drudgery and stressors; it can be the best way to reach your favorite fishing hole or spend quality time with your family; and boating can be the perfect catalyst for summertime fun!

So, here it is…that recipe you’ve been looking for…the one that stirs up just the right amount of anticipation with everything you love all rolled into one! Start by mixing a little sunshine with a gentle breeze – not enough to spin your boat when you tie off, but just enough to keep you cool and the bugs at bay. 

Then, toss in your best buds for flavor. Add a little engine racing and/or speed if you like things spicy or cool things off with a jump in the juice! Blend with an island stop or bar hop. Mix in some watersports like water skiing or tubing to liven things up a bit. You also may want to add a dash of dolphin (We’re talking Mahi…not adorable porpoises here.) or a pinch of pompano to some tight lines.

Top it all off with the sweet sound of laughter, which can’t be avoided, and you’ve gone ahead and done it…constructed the perfect recipe for summertime fun. Then of course there is the literal recipe. What could be better than grilling up and filling up on a delicious dinner with your catch of the day as the headliner?

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