2024 BlackJack 256 Coastal

2024 BlackJack 256 Coastal Loaded w/ the following: — Yamaha F300XCA — Tandem Axle Amera Trail Trailer — Garmin 1243XSV — Custom Acrylic Dash Panel — Fushion Stereo system w/ 4 Speakers — Complete Cushion Package — Coaming Pads — Bow Cushion Package — 2 x 10′ Power Pole Blades — Bobs Jack Plate — […]

Don’t Miss the 2019 Christmas Boat Parade in New Smyrna Beach!

New Smyrna Beach is a charming beachside town full of history and rich in traditions. One terrific New Smyrna Beach tradition is our Christmas parade…and we not only have one by land, we have one by sea! The New Smyrna Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a wonderful annual tradition that you have to experience. As […]

Learn How to Be Romantic on a Boat

Do you like to watch the sky’s stunning splendor slowly disappear at sunset? Maybe you are more of a moonlight in your eye like a big pizza pie kind of guy/girl? Enjoy romantic adventures to foreign lands? All those things are possible and they can be even more romantic and magnificent when you experience them […]

Gerry’s Marina Provides Financing for up to 20 Years

Want to buy a great boat, but just can’t seem to get the cash together right now? That may no longer be a problem. Did you know that Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach provides financing for up to 12 years on certain boats? That’s right! You can purchase a 2019 Stumpnocker 174 Skiff Tiller […]

Three Perks of Buying a Boat from Gerry’s Marina

Ever hear the saying, “Good things come in threes”? Well, it’s true, especially when you’re talking about the three fantastic perks that come along with purchasing a boat from Gerry’s Marina. The first terrific perk you get to enjoy when you buy your boat at Gerry’s Marina is FREE THREE MONTHS STORAGE for your boat. […]

Why We Should Obey Speed Limits on the Water

Do you have a need for speed? If you do, you are going to want to keep that in check while you are operating a boat. Speed limits on the water are put in place for a number of very good reasons. One of the most important reasons to obey posted speed limits is to […]

How Customizing Your Boat Can Set You Apart from the Rest

Boats come in all shapes and sizes. There are pontoons which are great for big parties and family outings, center consoles that are terrific for fishing, go-fasts that – you guessed it – go fast…and so many more. However, once you decide on which type of boat suits you, there are even more things you […]

How to Properly Read a Compass While Boating

It is imperative to learn how to read a compass for marine navigation because a compass is the most crucial navigational tool aboard a boat. A compass can help point you in the right direction even if you have no reference on the horizon or in the sky (such as the sun or stars). A […]

Great Water Activities in New Smyrna Beach!

If you love the water, you’ll love New Smyrna Beach. There’s nothing better than fun in the sun at one of Florida’s best waterside destinations! Surrounded by water on three sides, New Smyrna Beach is the perfect venue for any water sport imaginable. Do you love to surf, dive or snorkel? Want to try kayaking […]

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