Always Check the Weather

Boating can be extremely enjoyable when the weather is nice, but when the weather isn’t so nice; boating can become a harrowing and even potentially life-threatening experience. That’s why you always want to watch the weather report before you head out to sea. Check the weather before every boating trip, no matter how far you […]

What Are the Best Times for Fishing in New Smyrna Beach?

Heck, anytime in New Smyrna Beach is a good time to fish, right? There is some beautiful water to navigate, some gorgeous weather to take advantage of and some good-natured ribbing from your buddies to look forward to…if you look forward to that kind of stuff. However, if we want to get technical…rising and falling […]

Why Owning a Boat in Florida Makes Sense

I’m not one to throw shade, but truthfully, when it comes right down to it, other places in the country just don’t compare to Florida when it comes to boating (well, kona dolphin tours Wahine Charters are really good when it comes to this but to me, Florida will always remain a favourite). Come on […]

10 Simple Fishing Tips

Sometimes it seems like fishing is rocket science. The bugs are biting, but the fish just won’t – no matter what you do! Ah, but it’s simple really…you just have to be smarter than the fish…or at least think like them! Let’s start with an easy one. Make sure you NEVER get sunscreen on your […]

Boating Laws in Florida: Fishing

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission proceeds from permits and licenses are used to help improve Florida’s fisheries and your overall fishing experience.  Both saltwater and freshwater fishing licenses are required, and can be obtained online at, at county tax collectors’ offices, through licensed agents or by calling 888-FISH FLORIDA.  Florida residents who are […]

Best Fishing Honey Holes In and Around New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is surrounded by water on three sides, making it a fisherman’s dream. It’s a place where there are plenty of great spots to fish and plenty of great ways to do it. Sight fishing is popular in the winter months on the Indian River grass flats and Mosquito Lagoon, where redfish run […]

What Fish You Can Expect to Catch in Florida Waters

With deep water just off the coast and hundreds of miles of river that is home to a thriving ecosystem, Florida is a fisherman’s dream come true. Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway encompasses some of the state’s most productive waterways. Abundant with mangroves and weed lines, it attracts bait species such as menhaden, shrimp and crabs…and great […]

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