2024 BlackJack 256 Coastal

2024 BlackJack 256 Coastal Loaded w/ the following: — Yamaha F300XCA — Tandem Axle Amera Trail Trailer — Garmin 1243XSV — Custom Acrylic Dash Panel — Fushion Stereo system w/ 4 Speakers — Complete Cushion Package — Coaming Pads — Bow Cushion Package — 2 x 10′ Power Pole Blades — Bobs Jack Plate — […]

All the Great Uses for a Pontoon Boat

Central Florida offers one of the world’s best places to enjoy the water – from the ocean, to the gorgeous Intracoastal Waterway, to peaceful rivers and lagoons…and pontoon boats are one of the best ways to traverse which ever you choose! The spacious design of pontoon boats makes them perfect for fishing because you can […]

Daytona 500 2020

The Daytona 500, which has justly earned the moniker of “The Great American Race,” is held annually at Daytona International Speedway, a location that is just as earnestly referred to as “The World Center of Racing.” This year, in 2020, the 62nd Annual Daytona 500 is scheduled to be held February 16th. Everyone should experience […]

Sea Turtles in New Smyrna Beach

Everyone knows the outcome of the iconic tortoise and hair race, but today our sea turtles in New Smyrna Beach need a little help. There are three species of sea turtles found in New Smyrna Beach – the loggerhead and green turtle (which are threatened) and the leatherback (which is endangered). Loggerheads, sporting large, log-like […]

2020 U.S. Boat Shows

If you’ve never been to a boat show, you really should go at least once. It’s an amazing experience to become of one of the tens of thousands of visitors who get to witness the hottest boats and boat trends to date. It may also makes you wonder how the heck they can get a […]

Learn How to Be Romantic on a Boat

Do you like to watch the sky’s stunning splendor slowly disappear at sunset? Maybe you are more of a moonlight in your eye like a big pizza pie kind of guy/girl? Enjoy romantic adventures to foreign lands? All those things are possible and they can be even more romantic and magnificent when you experience them […]

How Customizing Your Boat Can Set You Apart from the Rest

Boats come in all shapes and sizes. There are pontoons which are great for big parties and family outings, center consoles that are terrific for fishing, go-fasts that – you guessed it – go fast…and so many more. However, once you decide on which type of boat suits you, there are even more things you […]

Why Owning a Boat is Smarter than Renting One

There are pros to renting a boat, like you don’t have to pay a bunch of money up front to buy it, you don’t have to take care of it and you don’t have to worry about storing it in the off season; but here’s a thought…Florida’s weather is so temperate, there really is no […]

Discover the Beauty of Owning a Boat

Love to take glide leisurely through the gorgeous Intracoastal with the sun at your back and your friends at your side? Want to get up before the sun rises and race the best fish to your favorite fishing hole? Continually look for wonderful adventures to have as a family? Imagine pulling your boat up to […]

New Smyrna Beach Big Events in 2018

New Smyrna Beach has a charming, small-town appeal with a big appetite for incredible events… We ring in the New Year with a spectacular fireworks display. Then, choice chowder chefs line both sides of Flagler Avenue to compete in a culinary cook-off during NSB’s January Chowder Festival. The Annual Festival of the Arts – with […]

What You Will See While Snorkeling in Florida

Sparkling, crystal clear water, picturesque bottom structure reminiscent of the finest roman architecture and thousands of species of sea creatures make Florida one of the absolute best choices for snorkeling. Florida’s waters are simply teaming with marine life. It’s a virtual symphony of color and movement. If you are wondering what you will see while […]

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