Stock Your Boat!

Let’s face it, we humans weren’t built for survival on the ocean, so we have to do a few things to point the percentages in our favor…and by a few things, I mean properly stocking your boat. When it comes to stocking your boat, there are three boxes you need to check before you head […]

When Should You Place a Mayday Call?

No matter how well-prepared you are for being out at sea, there may come a time when a dire situation arises that you can’t handle without emergency assistance. A mayday call, the out at sea version of an emergency 911 call on land, is there for those times. A mayday call will reach the Coast […]

Tips on Driving a Boat for the First Time

We all have our firsts…like smooching Megan Kelly behind the tree in elementary school, riding that sweet electric blue bike with the banana seat without its training wheels and that sip of decades old single malt. All those firsts (except the scotch…that just sort of works) work better when you have a few good tips.  […]

Right of Way: Who Has It on the Water?

Minding your manners also applies to boating. So who has the right of way when you’re out on your boat? That depends… First of all, always keep in mind that not everyone knows the rules of the “road” on the water. So, no matter what, you should behave defensively – providing other vessels and yourself […]

Fish Tales

There’s nothing like being out on the water on a boat. I’ve been lucky in my life. I was introduced to boating when my dad got this hot, little red speed boat. I was just in grade school. As my age increased, so did my love for fishing…and I have seen and experienced some pretty […]

Properly Securing Your Boat

Tying off your boat too tightly can cause damage to your boat and too loosely can cause damage to other boats, not to mention creating the possibility of your boat drifting away. So, you should always properly secure your vessel. First you need the right equipment. Bow lines are used to stop the bow of […]

Places on Florida’s East Coast to Visit by Boat

With so many exciting, beautiful places to visit and nearly perfect weather year-round, it is no wonder Florida has earned its reputation as the boating capital of the world. In fact, there are plenty of incredible ports of call right here on the East Coast. Let’s take it from the top, shall we? Up north, […]

Seasick? Tips and Tricks!

A following sea…the slow rocking motion of a boat from stern to bow and a surefire way for some of us to lose our lunch. Seasickness can incapacitate you and leave you begging for a quick death, or at the very least, some well-deserved mercy.  Seasickness is basically a skirmish between your inner ear and […]

How You Know It Is Time to Buy a New Boat

One big reason people know it is time to buy a new boat is that your boat just doesn’t meet your boating needs anymore. Maybe your family is growing or maybe your desire for fishing bigger water is growing. Whatever the reason, it’s no fun to have a boat that doesn’t work for you. The […]

Basic Need to Knows for Fishing First Timers

First off, getting in trouble for not having a fishing license can really put the kibosh on any fishing excursion. You can check out the Gerry’s Marina blog on fishing licenses to find out what you need and how to get it.  You will also need a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line that is […]

How to Handle an Emergency on Your Boat

The first thing you want to do to make sure an emergency on your boat ends well is to make certain you are always prepared before you even get out on the water. Try to imagine anything that might happen and have a solid solution in place for it. Start by making certain that all […]

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