Stock Your Boat!

Let’s face it, we humans weren’t built for survival on the ocean, so we have to do a few things to point the percentages in our favor…and by a few things, I mean properly stocking your boat. When it comes to stocking your boat, there are three boxes you need to check before you head […]

When Should You Place a Mayday Call?

No matter how well-prepared you are for being out at sea, there may come a time when a dire situation arises that you can’t handle without emergency assistance. A mayday call, the out at sea version of an emergency 911 call on land, is there for those times. A mayday call will reach the Coast […]

Boat Owning 101

There’s a lot that goes into boating. I mean, we sure don’t just hop on and off at the dock. If you are a boat owner, you already know to be vigilant about checking the weather before heading out; you make sure you have what you need on board just in case; you practice Coast […]

Tips on Driving a Boat for the First Time

We all have our firsts…like smooching Megan Kelly behind the tree in elementary school, riding that sweet electric blue bike with the banana seat without its training wheels and that sip of decades old single malt. All those firsts (except the scotch…that just sort of works) work better when you have a few good tips.  […]

Right of Way: Who Has It on the Water?

Minding your manners also applies to boating. So who has the right of way when you’re out on your boat? That depends… First of all, always keep in mind that not everyone knows the rules of the “road” on the water. So, no matter what, you should behave defensively – providing other vessels and yourself […]

Fish Tales

There’s nothing like being out on the water on a boat. I’ve been lucky in my life. I was introduced to boating when my dad got this hot, little red speed boat. I was just in grade school. As my age increased, so did my love for fishing…and I have seen and experienced some pretty […]

Properly Securing Your Boat

Tying off your boat too tightly can cause damage to your boat and too loosely can cause damage to other boats, not to mention creating the possibility of your boat drifting away. So, you should always properly secure your vessel. First you need the right equipment. Bow lines are used to stop the bow of […]

Places on Florida’s East Coast to Visit by Boat

With so many exciting, beautiful places to visit and nearly perfect weather year-round, it is no wonder Florida has earned its reputation as the boating capital of the world. In fact, there are plenty of incredible ports of call right here on the East Coast. Let’s take it from the top, shall we? Up north, […]

Seasick? Tips and Tricks!

A following sea…the slow rocking motion of a boat from stern to bow and a surefire way for some of us to lose our lunch. Seasickness can incapacitate you and leave you begging for a quick death, or at the very least, some well-deserved mercy.  Seasickness is basically a skirmish between your inner ear and […]

How You Know It Is Time to Buy a New Boat

One big reason people know it is time to buy a new boat is that your boat just doesn’t meet your boating needs anymore. Maybe your family is growing or maybe your desire for fishing bigger water is growing. Whatever the reason, it’s no fun to have a boat that doesn’t work for you. The […]

Basic Need to Knows for Fishing First Timers

First off, getting in trouble for not having a fishing license can really put the kibosh on any fishing excursion. You can check out the Gerry’s Marina blog on fishing licenses to find out what you need and how to get it.  You will also need a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line that is […]

Taking Care of Your Teak

Teak is a beautiful, durable, versatile material; and whether you are lucky enough to have it on the exterior or the interior of your boat – on areas like your deck, your trim and your ladders – you need to properly maintain it. Don’t be intimidated by the unique nature of teak. Teak maintenance is […]

Grilling on Your Boat

Ok, so what are some of the things you enjoy most? If boating and grilling make your list of preferred pastimes, why not do both at the same time? Grilling on your boat is legal. In fact, they even make grills specifically for boats that come with brackets for railing mounting. There are a bunch […]

How to Handle an Emergency on Your Boat

The first thing you want to do to make sure an emergency on your boat ends well is to make certain you are always prepared before you even get out on the water. Try to imagine anything that might happen and have a solid solution in place for it. Start by making certain that all […]

BUI: What You Need to Know About Boating and Drinking

Did you know that nearly one-third of all boating fatalities include alcohol; and in over one-half of fatal boating incidents, the victim fell overboard or the boat capsized? So as you can imagine, boating under the influence (BUI) cases are aggressively prosecuted. Florida law prohibits anyone from operating a boat while impaired. This translates into […]

Always Check the Weather

Boating can be extremely enjoyable when the weather is nice, but when the weather isn’t so nice; boating can become a harrowing and even potentially life-threatening experience. That’s why you always want to watch the weather report before you head out to sea. Check the weather before every boating trip, no matter how far you […]

Boating Is Great Fun for All Ages

No matter what your age, boats offer something for everyone. The younger crowd (and a large portion of the older crowd too!) like water skiing and island parties with their friends. Have a need for speed? Boats with a little more kick are fun when you’re younger (and older) too! If you plan on cruising […]

Servicing Your Vessel Regularly Saves You Money in the Long Run

Keeping the things we own in tip-top shape is always a good thing. It can keep hassles at a minimum, extend the life of an item and even save you money. That goes double for your boat.  It’s not like you can walk to a service station or your spouse can just pick you up […]

Learn How You Can Get Involved to Protect Wildlife

If you haven’t already, you’ll find that New Smyrna Beach residents take our wildlife conservation and protecting our coastal oasis very seriously. For nature enthusiasts who also value the protection and security of our local eco-systems, there are a host of New Smyrna Beach parks and preserves that act as refuge centers where animals are […]

What Are the Best Times for Fishing in New Smyrna Beach?

Heck, anytime in New Smyrna Beach is a good time to fish, right? There is some beautiful water to navigate, some gorgeous weather to take advantage of and some good-natured ribbing from your buddies to look forward to…if you look forward to that kind of stuff. However, if we want to get technical…rising and falling […]

Wet Slips at Gerry’s Marina

Wet slips make good sense for boaters because you can jump right on and take right off! That means less time fiddling around with your boat and trailer and more time out on the water…exactly where you want to be! And a wet slip makes even more sense in New Smyrna Beach because we’re virtually […]

Gerry’s Marina Rents Boats in New Smyrna Beach

Do you love to boat, but don’t really want the hassle because you are more of a “like to just jump on and go” kind of person? And when you’re done boating for the day, you want to jump off just like you jumped on, without any responsibilities, and just head on out to grab […]

Stop Dreaming About It and Get Yourself a Boat!

Stop dreaming about getting yourself a boat and turn, “I wish” into “I do”! What’s stopping you?  If you think you may not be able to swing it financially, think again! Gerry’s Marina has teamed up with Marker 5 Financial Services to provide financing options that very possibly could turn your dream of becoming a […]

Why Owning a Boat in Florida Makes Sense

I’m not one to throw shade, but truthfully, when it comes right down to it, other places in the country just don’t compare to Florida when it comes to boating. Come on you fair weather Floridians, you definitely know why! Florida’s weather is absolutely gorgeous, enabling us to boat throughout the year. That’s one heck […]

10 Simple Fishing Tips

Sometimes it seems like fishing is rocket science. The bugs are biting, but the fish just won’t – no matter what you do! Ah, but it’s simple really…you just have to be smarter than the fish…or at least think like them! Let’s start with an easy one. Make sure you NEVER get sunscreen on your […]

Boating Activities in New Smyrna Beach

Looking for something to do in New Smyrna Beach? Well, aside from all the amazing events throughout the year, boating activities are a no brainer here because New Smyrna Beach is virtually surrounded by water. And, trust me; there are tons of them too! Ok, hold on to the rail and brace yourself. Here we […]

Boating Laws in Florida: No Wake Zones

No wake zones are posted to help ensure boating safety, protect sea life and avoid boat damage. If you see a no wake sign, it’s time to wake up and power down. No wake means that you decrease your speed to idle speed – a speed no greater than is necessary to maintain steerage and […]

Boating Laws in Florida: Fishing

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission proceeds from permits and licenses are used to help improve Florida’s fisheries and your overall fishing experience.  Both saltwater and freshwater fishing licenses are required, and can be obtained online at, at county tax collectors’ offices, through licensed agents or by calling 888-FISH FLORIDA.  Florida residents who are […]

Boating Laws in Florida: The Basics

Boating Laws in Florida: The Basics A violation of the Federal Navigation Rules is also a violation of Florida law. So just to be safe, here are the basics of Florida Boating Law… Anyone born after January 1, 1998, must pass an approved boater safety course and carry that card plus a photo ID when […]

Low-tech, Tried and True Boat Gadgets

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement that cool, new boating gadgets can create, but most often it is a low-tech, tried and true gadget that will save you a bunch of grief and heartache on your boating expedition. Here are just a few examples… Ok, so your phone may be high-tech, […]

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